Showcase of implemented projects


C++ Pipeline Simulator for RISC architecture

A complete simulator in C++ to run the assembly programs in Simple RISC language and experimented with different technique for pipeline.

Artificial Intelligence Projects
  • Classical Planning and Constraint Satisfaction Problem and Local - Forward (progression) planner using breadth-first search, Forward (progression) planner using A* search, Goal Stack planner
  • Probabilistic Reasoning and Inference over Bayesian network - Probabilistic Inferencing over Bayesian network using Exact inference using variable elimination and Approximate inference using rejection sampling.
  • Local Search and Adversarial Search - On a given complex problem, learn to formulate it as an AI single-agent search problem, and solve it using local search algorithms. Second, Implement both minimax and expectimax search and with evaluation function design.
  • Solving Problems by Searching - Design a rational agent which maximizes the expected value of performance measure give the percept sequence and prior knowledge.
Machine Learning Projects
  • Multi-layer perceptrons and Self Driving Cars where back propagation was implemented from scratch
  • Sentiment classification of movie reviews using decision trees and forest
  • Regularized Linear and Logistic Regression for abalone age prediction
  • K-means clustering, Principal Component Analysis on MNIST.
Computer Vision Projects
  • Hyrbid Image Creation using full binary tree representation.
  • Image classification using Bag of words (Kmeans++) on MNIST-fashion database.
  • Image Wraping using Homography Computation based on interest point matching.
  • Object detection (autorickshaw) using HOG and SVM classifier
  • Canny Edge and Harris Interest Points Detection
Event Management Android App

A complete Andorid app with Application server to ease students' stay at IIT Ropar, and provide one click access to all relevant updates at the institute.

Alumni Association Portal

Full Stack Developer of IIT Ropar’s Alumni Association website which serves 3000+ members.

Computer Architecture

Projects based on Computer Architecture including Assembly language programming, Memory Cache Analysis and IEEE 754 Adder.

Data Structures Projects

Implementation of advanced data structures like AVL Trees, Red Black Tree, Hash Map from scratch. Using Graphs and basic data structures to solve real world problems like making a Room booking system.

Single Instruction Processor

Designing a Turing complete single instruction processor which is subtract and branch if negative (SBN) using only flip flops, logical gates and Multiplexer.